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Surfing morocco
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Surfing Morocco

Morocco has been a premium surfing destination for the travelling surfer since 1960 when the first Surfboard was brought to its shores. Now Morocco's reputation for amazing surf precedes itself. With endless pumping Atlantic swells September through March and smaller glassy conditions prevailing between the summer months of May and August, Morocco offers epic surf for people of any ability, all year round.

Why Africa Extrem?

Africa Extrem will ensure you have the ultimate Moroccan surf experience. Africa Extrem is run by very professional local surfers, with inside knowledge of the language, customs, and the best breaks (not just the famous ones, and for all levels). Above all, Africa Extrem is known for its ultimate surf camp experience. With world class multilingual surf instructors and surf guides, we will not only ensure quality of tuition but your safety and fun, both in and out of the water!
Africa Extrem can show you sheltered breaks for every wind direction( as our coast line can offer that, why not ), swell magnets for every swell direction, hollow reef breaks, beach breaks, point breaks, and plenty of secret spots. We surfed the entire Moroccan coast!!!
Thanks to our esteemed partnerships and our surf camp, Africa Extrem can offer a fantastic range of accommodation options. This is the holiday where you can soak up as much sun, surf and fun as possible, for the evenings, leave us surprise you.
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Staying with us :

Africa Extrem offers you a range of exclusive accomodations, all located right in front of  the best surf Morocco has to offer. We are in front of spots such as Anchor point, Killer point and Hash point, check our accommodations for more info
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Surf coaching :

Our multilingual surf instructors are not only very good surfers, but they are also trained to convey there know how, using techniques like Skill drills video analysis and much more. All for your perfect surfing holidays!!
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Surf guiding :

Morocco is a perfect surfing destination thanks to it's very good surf and very good water temperature all year round. Let our surf guides take you to the best that can offers you Taghazout's coast line. We promise you to be at the right place at the right time,we will make sure you are optimizing your time during your surfing vacations. Pros have trusted us!
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Extras :

For a perfect surfing holiday in Morocco, Africa Extrem offers you a choice of tours and other activities like fishing, massages, dessert trips and more, check our extras for more info
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 18.06.2007 19:44
Brazilian and English Pro...
WCT Leo Neves coming with a couple of other Brazilian surfers to check out the camp and do some...
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